Tyler Smith


What does golf mean to you?

Originally I never aspired to do anything with golf after my hole-in-one at Leduc when I was 11, I figured I’d already reached the top :) But now I can start to see what my personal aspiration with golf is. I think the biggest things I never realized was the mental health aspect of golf for me.

Golf was my escape; from the real world, from school, from pressures of social media, from all that. As much as golf can be a frustrating sport, to be able to be on the course for 4 hours and play 18 holes was really a vital part of maintaining a strong mental well-being for myself.

After the accident on April 6, 2018, I was left not able to golf for that summer and as I reflect it really did affect me. It should have pushed me to try new things, but it left me feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t go out and golf with my buddies. I couldn’t get away and head to my second home for an escape or some relief. That summer I even went back to work at the course in the Pro-shop but sadly it still didn’t fill my golf needs enough. And now being back as healthy as I almost once was, I can appreciate the game of golf and the joy it brings me. I can appreciate a round of golf with my dad and brother more, and thanks to those two I’m not sure if golf would have ever been as important to me as it is today.

How and when did you start playing? Tell us more!

I grew up in Leduc, Alberta where I started working at the Leduc Golf Course when I was 12 in the backshop and later a proshop attendant till the age of 21. For me golf was always my summer. Being able to put in 50+ rounds a summer at a club like Leduc was always something I might even have taken for granted until now. The LGC was a family to me and was essentially my second home. Not just the work lifestyle, but also just the community of employees and golfers is what always brought me back. A place where seeing the same faces everyday was actually refreshing. A place where people like James Whitton and Garrett Hadfield really made a big impact on me and continue to do so today. It's an atmosphere that you always crave.


What does Goat Track Social Club mean to you? 

Goat Track is exactly what I align with. After starting a mental health awareness clothing line, I think the one thing I always aspired for was that community feel and ultimately for meaningful conversations to be started. As much as Goat Track may not be directed at mental health, I personally think it gives a lot of people hope and joy. To be able to feel a part of something, whether it’s a movement, a culture, a club, whatever it may be, Goat Track embodies that idea of feeling connected to something bigger than yourself. A group of people that share the same love for golf and community. This past year and a bit has continued to test us on a variety of fronts including that social interaction. For me social interaction on a golf course is something I will always look forward to, and I know for Goat Track that social interaction is a key underlying aspect of their brand which is why the brand is so important to me.