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Social Rules


 *** Please follow all AHS and course rules at GTSC Social Events ***

What's Goat Track Social Club?

A gathering of like-minded Golf Gals and Golf Guys that have a pure love for the game of golf, but most importantly NEVER take it too seriously. From CPGA professionals, collegiate stars, his mom, her dad and even the occasional wiener dog.

When we say GOLF IS FOR EVERYONE, we really mean everyone. Our GTSC community is built on camaraderie, kindness and a pure love for the game. We balance on the fine line of fun and serious.

We might shotgun a beer through the turn. But we might also "ssshush" you standing over a putt for bogey. Like everyone we know, we respect each other and the game. 

Upon arrival to a social event please come check in with Garrett at the registration table where we can tell you more about the day. 

*Due to Covid-19, draws will be done 2 days prior to social event and details will be emailed to those involved*
*Due to Covid-19, we will not have proxies on course. Giveaways will be done via draw and winners will be notified via Instagram story/ email*

No refunds will be available. Rescheduling will happen if necessary and possible.

**We reserve the right to kindly ask you not to return if we feel you are not helping contribute to the the growth of the game of golf the right way.** 
Everyone is welcome
 Garrett Sean Cody