Irene Crowchild


What does golf mean to you?

The game is good vibes! It’s wanting to wake up at 4 am, travelling hours for a tournament. It’s shooting a 100 over par with your friends and having a night to remember. The game has changed my life and I’m thankful for every opportunity because I’m doing something I love!

As an Indigenous woman representation matters to me. I want to positively impact the game of golf by breaking down barriers for Black and Indigenous Persons of Colour (BIPOC). I believe that becoming the first Indigenous woman to compete and win the Canadian Ladies Long Drive Championship (2018 & 2020 Canadian Ladies Long Drive Champion) has given me a huge step in this direction. Even so, I still regularly face huge social barriers as both a Indigenous person and as a woman in the game of golf. 


What do you want to do with golf?

My personal aspirations are to continue to compete in the sport of long drive and one day to be the "Longest Lady in the world". It’d be cool to break some long drive records too! I am continuing to grind and defend my National Championship. I also would like to venture into the game of golf on a professional level where I can continue to evolve my skills.

My goal is to help welcome ALL people to the game who haven't had the opportunity to play and create spaces for these discussions within the golf industry. These issues affect us all and we could all benefit from working together to create safe environments to grow the game.

How and when did you start playing?

My first summer job was working at Buffalo Run Golf Course. I worked there for 3 years before actually golfing. I was 16 when the Head Professional suggested that I take a break, hit a basket and handed me a driver and a 7 iron. Honestly, I thought, being a natural athlete this shouldn't be hard but I was wrong. Frustrated and stressed I returned back into the pro shop and said “golf isn’t for me.” The Head Pro then asked a few questions “What way do you shoot in hockey?” I told him I'm a lefty and still chuckle over this memory - I had been golfing "the wrong way". Back to the range with the “right” clubs and it clicked. I was hooked.

What does Goat Track Social Club mean to you?

GTSC is the dopest golf brand out there. I really appreciate the lifestyle/ casual wear approach because I want to be able to wear my golf clothes on and off the course. I feel good wearing this brand because it appeals to the younger movement of golf. Garrett, Sean and Cody are a really kind hearted group of guys that I feel real proud to be connected with. They have uplifted me in ways that I try and reciprocate to those I meet everyday. Goat Track truly makes me feel like the G.O.A.T!