When do orders get packed and shipped out?

All of our orders are packed on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and then shipped out on Thursday mornings.

What are Goat Bucks?

This is a new GTSC members loyalty rewards program we just introduced to thank you for helping build the finest golf community imaginable. In the lower right corner of your screen, you should find a green button labelled "rewards". Simply log in through your GTSC account and bingo. Start earning Goat Bucks.

What is a "Goat Track"?

Urban Dictionary defines a Goat track as: A golf course in terrible condition.

"I was looking forward to playing 9 holes before work, but the course my buddy picked was a goat track."

We don't care about the conditions. We only care who's meeting us there.

Your logo is a goat named MOE?

Our logo goat was named back in 2020 through an Instagram contest. Moe Norman is one of the great canadian golf icons, having set 30 course records over his career, including 3 of them in which he shot 59.

Only seemed fitting.